How Being “Busy” Can Consume Us


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Blog By Matthew Habchi | March 5th, 2022

Are you actively taking time out for Your-Self Or Are you just being consumed by be-ing “Busy”?


We currently live in the most fast paced time of our entire
lives. Some of us may have even been born into it. Make no mistake, it’s not in
your head. Energetically speaking, as a collective on planet Earth, we are
experiencing time speed up, year after year.

Have any of you ever asked yourself, “When did I do such
& such..?” and when thinking back, suddenly realised, what you thought
happened a month ago, Actually happened 2 months ago, sometimes three!?

And when time speeds up, what do we naturally do? We speed
up, thinking we need More hours in a day or acting like we are racing against “the
clock of time”, even though time doesn’t even really exist.

Some of us are so rushed, we find ourselves constantly
running late (I’m guilty of this myself). But do I like this feeling..? Never!
I personally enjoy taking my time to do things. I’ve never enjoyed be-ing in a rush.
It just feels unnatural to me.

But so many of us are actually living our lives that way.
And be-cause of it, we have actually programmed our-selves to be in fight or
flight mode All the time.
Do you know what happens to the body when it is
constantly in fight or flight? We risk suffering from Adrenal fatigue, burn out & Chronic
Fatigue to name a few.

Why? Because our Externally perceived reality is merely a product
of our Internal state.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Hermes
(One of my favourite quotes)

So, what is the answer? I hear you asking. It certainly
isn’t living a life in overdrive. How can that possibly be enjoyed?

When things speed up, We Need to Slow Down. Period.

One simple way to achieve this, is to Stop Living In F E A R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Constantly worrying about. “What if I do
this?”, “What if I don’t do this?”, “What will they think of me?” etc.. It gets
us nowhere, fast.

As with all my teachings, Awareness is the key. Without
Conscious Awareness, you have no-thing

Most of what we do on a day-to-day basis has been programmed
into us for decades. If we want to undo some of these old habits, we first must
become aware of them.

One way could be just to jot down all the things you do with
your time, from the moment you get up, to the moment you go to sleep
. We can’t
necessarily get rid of a habit, but we Can replace the habit with something a
little more fulfilling

You may even need to sit with your list & meditate on
it, to work out what needs to change
. But just re-member, how you
start your day creates momentum
for the rest of the day.

This is why I personally advocate people do some form of
meditation, first thing in the AM
. A meditation can consist of anything from
sitting cross legged with eyes closed breathing, to going for a gentle walk, to
consciously observing some joyful sight in nature or even practicing yoga or
Chi Gong.

Because when we start the day slow, we teach the mind to be-come
disciplined. When we learn to control the mind, we learn to control the body
& we become less compulsive or impulsive throughout the day

I’m telling you, if you can’t learn to slow yourself down,
you are going to miss out on the rest of your life. And you may one day look
back and say, “What the heck was I doing wasting all that time on that
nonsense?”. And if this happens, that’s ok. As long as you consciously tell
yourself that this will be a lesson I learn from. Because you could just as
easily waste even more of your energy beating yourself up about it. And yes,
we’ve all done that before. So, no need to feel guilty.

It’s time to stop & be-gin to Practice accepting the things we
currently cannot change & slowly work towards changing the things we can
. Bit
by bit. Moment by moment. That way we’ll look back a year from now or heck,
even a few months from now to appreciate & acknowledge how much we’ve

So take some much needed time out for your-self, slow down
& watch how much more efficiently you evolve. 

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