Coping With Change

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Blog By Matthew Habchi | September 26th, 2021

It’s safe to say we’re all creatures of habit. Some find
Change easy, some find it difficult. Whatever the case, one of life’s most
fundamental constants is Change
. The sooner we learn to become comfortable with
it, the easier life becomes. Not to mention the power we step into when we
embrace Change and learn to flow through it, rather than resist it.


I’m reminded of the famous line from the book,
“Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch, “What you Resist Persists”.
So, the most basic way to cope with Change is simply to go With it, rather than
Against it
. “And what if the change is uncomfortable or unpleasant?”, I hear
you asking in your mind. Well, All the more reason not to resist it.

I won’t tell you the change happening in your life is
insignificant or not painful. I’d never invalidate you like that; in fact I’ll
acknowledge just how hard it is. Because I know in my heart, I too have been
there many times before.

Einstein once said, “The definition of Insanity is repeating
the same thing over & over & expecting a different result
”. So, if Change
has pained you, then I’m 99.9% sure the universe was sending you a message; to
teach you something valuable in the hope that you would grow from it.

Ask anyone who’s been through difficult times & they’ll more
than likely tell you that their growth came from significant emotional, mental
or physical challenges
. Look to the great spiritual teachers & masters,
each one tells a story of extreme personal, political or social adversity &
rebellion. The key ingredients for the evolution of the soul.

“No Pain, No Gain”. A quote which alludes to the unending,
cyclical nature of life & all its Changes, which were meant to act as mere
obstacles, not barriers toward our goals & personal liberation.

I want to reassure you that it gets easier with time,
practice & Conscious Awareness
. You could perceive Conscious Awareness as light
that shines on darkness to reveal Actual Truth.

We naturally gravitate toward that which is comfortable. The
problem of course is that nothing grows in your comfort zone. So, if you catch
yourself re-acting to Change, it usually means there was a trigger or a past
traumatic memory associated with it.

Becoming more Aware & Conscious requires one to delve deeper
into the change which has caused the agitation. A number of methods may work. Firstly,
you could talk to someone who will hold space for you & explain the
situation. Talking helps us understand & release the emotions attached to
the pain.

Secondly, you could do some journaling. May not sound like
much, but just like talking, writing allows us to fully express what we’re
feeling. You’ll often find a link between something painful that occurred in
your past which is still showing up as an old subconscious belief we’ve become
attached to.

Thirdly, a daily practice where you replay your day in your
mind, before bed. Either think or write about it, whatever works best. Once you’ve
identified something you didn’t like, replace the thought or write what you
would’ve done differently
. Practicing each night for several weeks actually
assists you in re-wiring your brain. But it must be Before bed, because the
last thing you do/think about before bed is what your subconscious goes about working
on whilst sleeping

Lastly, if you’ve been through intense change within a short
period, it may help to have a Kinesiologist guide you through it
. Kinesiology
is intuitive counselling which puts you in a calm meditative state. They’ll take
you back in your mind to various times in life where you experienced emotional
blocks & they’ll help you release them. This can be very healing & may
take one or several visits, depending on how deep the trauma is. (Contact me
for a referral)

Ultimately, we must remember Change is a constant. And the
more we come to accept Change, the better we respond to it
. Once we begin to
respond, rather than re-act, we learn and grow.

Of course, we never actually Stop learning, it’s a big
reason we incarnated into this life. As we work through Change and grow, we may
encounter New Change & new challenges, all of which we may respond to
differently. The key is to pause, breathe, and in the great words of Eckhart
Tolle, know that ‘this too shall pass
.’ Continue to use the above-mentioned
methods and you’ll progressively find a way through it with a greater sense of
calm & acceptance that the Change is in fact happening For You, not To You.


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