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Blog By Matthew Habchi | May 13th, 2021

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term, “You Are what you eat!”.
However, ‘Consuming’ is not just what you put into your body. It’s also what
you watch, listen to, feel & read that makes it count
. This means we could
be on a great diet, but still be Spiritually malnourished. We’re going to
discuss what this means & more.

We all make our choices when it comes to food intake. Whilst
I’m not going to make recommendations on what ‘Should’ be eaten, I will talk
about what I know to be good for you.

We are energy, scientists understand this. Therefore, in
order to function at a high level, we must eat foods that are living (high
. Fresh food from the earth (and I mean that which grows from the
ground) is what sustains us most.

Glycogen is our bodies preferred source of energy. So,
consuming the freshest fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & seeds is what
will benefit us the most
. Now I’m not saying you can’t eat animal products, but
I am saying it Can affect your Spiritual health.

If you still watch tv I’m not judging, we all have choice. But
if you do, ask yourself this, “What is my life lacking, that I need to obtain
from a program?”. Whether we seek thrills, are dreaming about love or looking
for something to make us happy, why can’t we simply seek it for ourselves?

I’m telling you here, it doesn’t matter your past, we are
all capable of this. But we must heal the wounds without burying our head in
the sand. And then acknowledge what we are lacking, so we can take an active role
in making that our reality.

So rather than letting someone act out a Story on a screen.
Why not seek to make that story a reality for yourself?

Be conscious about what you watch. If you’re unsure of how
to do that, then ask yourself within the first few minutes, “What purpose does
this have for my Soul?
If you come up with a good enough reason, then by all
means keep watching.

So, the same literally goes for music. Many people will
admit, they don’t make it like they used to & I believe that statement is
very true.

Be wary of pop music, listen to the lyrics, many songs have
subliminal sometimes blatant messages of fear, addiction or attachment
. These
all come from the negative ego. Also not a healthy thing for your spirit.

Find the music that makes you feel good, that has meaning,
that’s worth singing about
. And don’t stop there. Listen to a good podcast or
Audiobook, one whereby the information educates, enriches & empowers you to
do great things with your life!

Then we have the energy you consume from other people &
remember that you will become the sum of the five people you spend the most
time around
. Ask yourself this after an encounter, “Do I feel drained or
” I think you know which serves you better, so choose friends &
partners wisely.

And last but certainly not least, what is it that we are
Reading? Was it written consciously, or is it verbatim? Personally, I choose my
news sources wisely. Because I know the mainstream is only concerned with Fear
Mongering. A great truthful source I like to look at from time to time is
These guys challenge the narrative & bring
credible stories which are both thought provoking & inspiring, gently
allowing you to make up your own mind, rather than forcing info down your

For me, unless I’m consistently Reading a book, I’m not
learning anything, And I always want to be learning something new. So read
books that inspire you, that assist you in thinking creatively, that awaken the
. Whether it’s a great novel with a good message, a self-help book,
Spiritual guidance or books about the hidden nature of our reality. Pick it up,
read it, keep the mind healthy.

And re-member, what you consume, you become.

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