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Blog By Matthew Habchi | October 23rd, 2022

I woke up one Monday morning to the energy of blissfulness. There was a peacefulness in the air, so calming it was very obvious to the soul. I stepped out onto the back deck, felt the wind blow on my skin & the sun’s gorgeous rays bouncing off my limbs. There were no kids screaming, only birds chirping & whistling from tree top to tree top.

I asked myself, “What is going on here?!” There was an unusual sense of tranquillity & stillness about. One that was never so obviously present to me before. Yet I had awoken hundreds & hundreds of times before to a much hazier energy. Suddenly it had dawned on me, that it was the 3rd day of the September school holidays & the kids 1st Monday of the holidays. In case you didn’t figure it out already, I don’t have kids.

I was still so in awe of this feeling I was feeling, that I started to think out loud. “Brooke! I called to my beloved partner. I think I’m starting to understand why it feels so good this morning. The kids have had their 1st couple days off to unleash their energy onto the world. It’s Monday now & since they don’t have to get ready for school, they are either sleeping in or recovering from the weekend”. Brooke opened her mouth with a surprised look on her face. She was starting to see what I was seeing.

This ladies & gentlemen is a stark reminder of the effect the collective has on our energy. Since learning about Quantum Physics, it has become more & more obvious to me. Everything is energy & Everything affects Everything else. Just like a pebble dropped into a pond which creates a ripple effect. We have the exact same energetic impact on each other. But we have lost our senses along the way. We have forgotten our power; we have forgotten Who We Really Are.

The animals know. They are fine tuned to their sense perceptions, such that they hear & see things coming long before we do. Ever since the beginning of the Great Awakening of Humanity, it has become apparent that all we need to do is just to slow down a bit. So that we may see, hear & feel what usually falls by the way side as we hastily run the gamut of our morning routines in this fast-paced reality we live in.

I speak of this today because I want you to truly be aware of how divinely Powerful we are & how we can impact each other so strongly, either in a positive or a negative way. Did you know that your Aura’s sensitivities stretch out as far as 5-6 metres? For those still unaware, your Aura is your vibrational energy field. Since it stretches out so far, you my friend, have the innate capacity to feel into the energy of the room next to you. Or the side walk from the front of the house. Or 3 cars directly in front or behind you whilst stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Did you ever truly wonder why accidents are so common in busy cities? It’s not just because there are more cars grouped within a limited area. It is also because we are constantly feeling the energy of the angry, frustrated, stressful people who cut someone off just ahead of us. This creates a collective anxiety, which is another reason it feels crappy driving through traffic.

As an ultra-aware, ultra-sensitive individual, I am trying to move away from the busy city to a more rural, more coastal, more mountainous & quieter region. Not merely for my peace of mind & to be closer to nature, but also so that I may enjoy a little more breathing space to add to my quality of life in this beautiful part of South-East Queensland which I am so fortunate to inhabit.

This my beloved people, is exactly why you mustn’t spend time with people whose energy does not serve you. As a Psychic Reader, on a daily basis I open myself up to such energies. Yet it is my passion, my joy, to witness a person transformed by a little of my healing aura. I do this also to help the collective increase its awareness & vibration, so that we can come out of our collective misery.

Our level of Consciousness works like this: If we hold a low vibration, we affect others negatively. Therefore, we must learn to recognise when we are in a desperate state of apathy, depression or grief. And through the natural process of “Letting Go”, we can move through our emotions, until we come back to a neutral state. Perhaps at this level, we can begin to spend time around others again. But until that time, if we remain unconscious to our actions, we may inadvertently affect our brothers or sisters by reacting to them in an angry state. Making them out to be the cause of our misery.

It works the opposite way if you hold a high vibration & it is also said that the higher the vibrational level you hold, the greater your positive effect on others. This is why the great sages & masters like Jesus, Buddha & Krishna were so avidly able to lift & heal people, simply by being around them. (For more information on how to consciously increase your level of consciousness, read the book: Letting Go, The pathway of surrender by David R. Hawkins.)

The moral of the story is this: You may not be able to just run away from the crowds right now, but you can take a little space to breathe & just Be for a moment. You may not always want to be around negative people, but you can make a conscious effort to be around them a little less than you currently do. You may desire to change someone else’s mind, but I say change your own mind first. There is al-ways a choice, whether we believe it or not. If we can just start by choosing to behave consciously, we’re already one step ahead of succumbing to the negative energy of others. And bit by bit we can gradually move away from anxiousness & nudge ourselves a little closer to happiness.

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