Balancing The Four Bodies

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Blog By Matthew Habchi | March 24th, 2021

In order to achieve self-realization, we must learn to
balance our four bodies
. They consist of the Emotional, Mental, Physical &
Spiritual Bodies.

Throughout this experience of human life, we come to learn
that there are many aspects to our being. Some of us are highly sensitive, so
we identify & respond to stimuli through our emotions
. Others who read,
study & observe life could be said to be Masters of the Mental Body.

You have those who only care for sense pleasures &
satisfying the needs of the Physical Body. And of course, those who dedicate
themselves toward the Spiritual Body.

If we are to live a full, complete & satisfied
experience, we must learn to incorporate all Four
. Then it can be said, that
we’ve mastered the Four Body system & we are well on the way to
self-mastery. There is also The Three Minds, the Subconscious, Conscious &
Super Conscious, however that is a discussion for another day.

Here is an example of how imbalances in our Four Bodies can
impact our lives. In the mainstream there may very well be extremely
intelligent Scientists who have highly developed Mental Bodies, yet possess a
malnourished Spiritual Body
. Such a person could be involved in the creation of
cutting edge technology, yet at the same time may not fully realise its danger
to the Earth & even the universe, by being spiritually negligent.

Science is dangerous when not coupled with Spirituality, the
two are designed to work coherently. This is still something we are trying to
convince the mainstream.

Life experience is everything, for it is a large part of why
we dwell on this earth. I can tell you from my experience, that during some of
my youth, whilst in a semi awakened or unawakened state, I over identified with
my Physical Body, living largely to satisfy it through various means.

At the same time, being a sensitive, empathic individual
struggling to understand his ego, I was allowing my Emotional body to wreak
havoc on myself & those closest to me
. My Mental body was always curious,
but was starved of sufficient nutrition until I became more Conscious around
2012 & started to feed it daily
. Still, this was nothing without the
Spiritual Body developed.

Lastly, I came to understand that the Emotional, Mental
& Physical Bodies had to serve the Spiritual Body
which gives purpose to
all things. Still, on the way to this realisation I bounced from one to another
in an unhealthy fashion.

Now I am by no means a Spiritual Master & I know I still
have much to learn. But one thing I do know, is that I am aware of the need to
find the Middle Path in all things
(as Buddha once said). And to live in such
awareness is the path to becoming Who we Really Are.

So what can we do with this information, I hear you asking?
We talk, open up & journal about our emotional experiences in a healthy
. We slow down, in order to become fully aware of our words & actions
which arise from our Emotional body. We treat others the way we would like to
be treated
, regardless of Their actions. We consistently heal our Emotional
Bodies as we journey through life.

We remain thirsty for knowledge, always satisfying our inner
child by asking the questions of loving curiosity
. We read books on self-help,
spirituality & anything that we are passionate about learning, so to keep
the Mental Body attuned
. We not only read, but share with others what we have
learned, so that we may teach ourselves & pass on this valuable knowledge
to others
. We also apply the knowledge, which can then be called Wisdom.

We regularly move the Physical body to keep it nimble,
strong & healthy. We feed it regularly with dense rich nutrients from the
Earth to keep it functioning at it’s peak
. We give Love to the Physical body,
so that it vibrates at the highest possible frequency. Lastly, we engage in
intimacy with a loving partner to experience joy, become closer to the divine
& to re-member our roots.

The Spiritual Body is the divine essence of your soul. It is
more than just you, it is a culmination of all that is, which we as individuals
are all a part of. Continuous practice of daily integration of the previous
three Bodies will ultimately lead you to nourishing your Spiritual Body
Bringing you to higher levels of consciousness & awareness so you can
understand your infinite potential. But we can also dedicate time for some form
of consistent meditation, breath work or body work. We can regularly connect
with nature, chant, say affirmations & pray. We can re-member to hold the
highest thoughts & push anything less out of our minds
. And we can partake
in practices which bring us closer to God/Source.

There are endless pathways home, yet this is a basic road to
enlightenment for the common human.

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