A New View, To Love


By Matthew Habchi | June 15th, 2020

I believe there is a lack of awareness around the phrase “I am in love”, when referring to your significant other. I believe we are always In Love. We can experience this through our thoughts, words & actions. The “in love experience” should not be purely subjected to the time when we are in a loving relationship (particularly since for some, this period of being “in love” with a partner, only lasts about 6 months). This is a form of co-dependency where we falsely believe that something outside of ourselves can truly make us happy.

The most important relationship, is the relationship with Your-Self 💜 Because when you love yourself, you are Always In Love, and you can never be Without Love. However, it is very nice to share this love with someone you have a deep connection with. That is, if you are 100% sure that you love every inch of your being. If you don’t, but you are working towards it, then that is ok too. Awareness & taking measures to evolve is the key. Life is a journey of evolution, we cannot always wait for the growth, we need to live our lives as well.

I personally, struggled to love myself for many, many years. I was quite unconscious & I lived my life based on somebody else’s idea of “Who I should be”. In hind sight, I blame no one for this. These were my lessons; this was my journey. I lived inside my head & I worried about every little thing before I did anything. I was an over thinker & I was stuck in the prison of my mind about what other people thought of me, or what I thought they thought. It was only through my journey into Spirituality which began around 2012/13, that I was truly able to learn to let go of these false ideas.

If you’d like to discover if there is any lack of love for Your-Self, I suggest an exercise. Take a good, long honest look in the mirror. Look at All of You, then look deep into your eyes. If you identify the slightest amount of lack, in the love for your-self; then grab a notepad and pen, and write down the things you don’t like about yourself. This can be a confronting experience, but a necessary one, if what you wish to achieve is growth.

After you’ve seen the truth of it on paper, the next step is healing. I highly recommend looking at “The Work” of Byron Katie. She is a powerful speaker & author who foundered, “The Work”. “The Work” is a practice you can do on your own or with a witness, which can be even more helpful. It is simple & easy; it consists of 4 Questions you ask yourself & a turn around. (video features below)

The Work takes any stressful thought, which can be defeating or demoralising & gets it out of your head, onto paper & forces you to look at it from an entirely new perspective. It is Powerful & it can certainly help you to see the light & let go of whatever you are struggling with, big or small. You might even be inspired to read her book, “Your Inner Awakening”, which not only discusses her work & how it has improved her life & the lives of others, but teaches you to do The Work in your own time. I highly recommend it.

So just Re-member that Love should always begin with You. Until we learn to fully accept Who We Are unconditionally & without judgement, we cannot wholly & truly love another. Learn to love yourself first & You Will Become Magnetic! You won’t have to chase or look for love, it will just simply Show Up For You.

“ The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself “.



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