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Blog By Matthew Habchi | November 25th, 2020

Whether you know it or not, we are all naturally telepathic
beings. In case this concept is foreign to you, I’ll explain. Science has
proven time & time again in our modern world that We are more than the 5
senses we perceive. We are energy in constant motion, but not only us,
everything in our universe is energy in motion.


So, what happens when we think a thought? Well, we are not
only thinking for ourselves, we are adding our thoughts to the collective
consciousness. We are sending that energy/frequency into the quantum field. And
the Law of Attraction says, “Whatever energy we send out, must come back to us”,
mentally, physically or on a soul level.

Let me give you a clear example. I’m sure you could remember
a time when you were thinking about a friend & literally a minute or two later,
they’ve sent you a text message out of the blue! That is what I would call, “unintentional
telepathy”. And every single one of us are doing it; daily.

So, lets now talk about Intentional Telepathy. This is where
you want someone to know you’re thinking of them, or even just sending them
your energy. Twins are very good at this; why? Because they spent time together
in the spirit world before incarnating in the same womb. And then solidifying
that connection into the physical realm. Telepathy comes very naturally to them.

An example: It’s not abnormal for twins to report having a
sore toe, when their twin sibling is on the other side of the earth & has
felt it too in some way, shape or form. That is a physical example of

You personally may even come to find you start to read the
thoughts of your partner. This too is because of your close connection &
bond, that it makes it so much easier to telepath.

I know I went off on a tangent, so to come back to
Intentional Telepathy, this can only be done when your mind is still. As humans
we are capable of thinking in upwards of 7,000 thoughts per day! This is a heck
of a lot to download. So, for the beginner, meditation is absolutely crucial.

When we meditate, we close off the external world. This does
not mean we stop thinking, but we have a chance to really slow things down,
literally. Once we feel comfortable enough, (scientifically this state might be
known as Theta or Delta, where our brain waves are very slow & close to the
dream state), then we can shift our awareness to a person.

We may simply want to send a friend or family member good
energy, so they can be assisted to heal. Or we may even want to send them a
specific message. I can tell you, with enough practice this is definitely possible.
However, this works best when you have two people on a similar wave length,
which makes the frequency you send out coalesce with more ease.

If that other person is also clear in the mind &
meditates often, the message is received with much greater clarity. You may
even find yourself in a conversation next week about a thought or topic you
both “happened” to be thinking at the same time.

Some of you reading this, who have been brought up with some
kind of faith, be it religious or spiritual, will certainly have experienced a similar
theme during prayer. My mother is not only highly intuitive, she is also very
religious. Growing up, I witnessed prayer after prayer come true, as she told me
in real time. This is the power of telepathy!

Now I’m no expert on this topic, but I can confidently share
with you what I already know. And I’ve seen enough examples from people of
varying backgrounds to suggest that anyone can telepath.

Just like anything though, all it takes is practice.



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