How to Gain Value From Our Relation-ships

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Blog By Matthew Habchi | February 17th, 2021

I feel to talk a little about friendships/relationships today. It’s been a while since I blogged on this topic & it’s always an important one. Now here’s a phrase you might want to recite: Don’t be friends with anyone you wouldn’t want To Be. Let that marinate for a second.

The aforementioned phrase can also be applied to relationships. If you don’t witness first hand, the traits you would like to inherit in your-self, it’s simple; don’t be their friend & don’t Be in that relationship.

There is a statement that goes something like, “You will become the total sum of the five people you spend the most time around”. It’s true though. We become what we consume, just like the implication of, “You are what you eat”. Our personal relationships have the same effect.

So, if there is anyone in your life who is a negative influence on you. Who you feel drained by after spending time together? Who you find time & time again to be showing up or asking of your energy when you don’t feel to give it? Then there’s absolutely no obligation, even if it’s family.

By holding onto a relationship that doesn’t serve you, you are simply choosing to hold yourself back. And by making the excuse that “they need you”, you are in essence holding them back. Remember, if you love them let them go. And if you don’t love them, well… you’re just giving away your power.

I recall a time when I held onto people for money, sex, status or co-dependency. Each of them taught me valuable lessons. Be Independent, find yourself, find your calling & start loving your-self. Life teaches the grandest lessons, but one must become aware of them. Knowledge is only useful if you learn to encompass knowledge.

Choose to be around people who inspire you, who lift you up, who make you laugh, who appreciate you. And don’t be afraid to be around anyone new, too. Because life is cyclical, impermanent & the only sure thing in life is change. So, don’t become attached & if you wish to grow, learn from those who motivate you in new ways.

Standards & Values are a great thing to have for any relationship. And if you haven’t written down your standards lately & the values you desire in another, then get journaling. To be the Best, you must surround yourself With the Best! If we can all learn to do this, then the world’s collective love tank will be much, much fuller. And we all know that’s exactly what the world needs.

I’ll leave you now with this well known, yet famous quote, to ponder:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

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