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Blog By Matthew Habchi | October 20th, 2020

There are so many misconceptions around Psychics, so I
wanted to dedicate this blog to helping everyone understand exactly what I do.


I operate a market stall from Friday-Sunday weekly, which
means I do a LOT of Readings for the public & I also get to see & hear
so much whilst being in that space.

Here are a couple things I witness on a regular basis: Friend
says, “You should get a Reading”, Response, “I don’t want to know! What if he
tells me something bad?!”. Or, “I’ve always wanted to get one of those, but I’m
too scared”.

Firstly, a reading is not meant to frighten anyone. It is
for the purpose of empowering you. Secondly, not one person who’s had a reading
with me has ever been left feeling afraid, quite the opposite actually.

This next one is for the sceptics. These are the people that
sit down & don’t say a word. Not even a “hey, how are you?” These people
think I can read every thought. I’ll make one thing clear, if there’s anything you
don’t want me to know, I won’t see it. When I do Readings, I’m reading your
energy, your aura. If it’s closed, I can’t read it. So having an open mind
helps a lot!

If you walk in nice & open, you’ll have a great reading.
Many won’t say much, even if they Are open. But let me tell you, if you give a
little it goes a long way! A few words about what you’d like from the Reading
allows more info to flow in. Now I don’t mean tell me everything, but a little
will help facilitate the information channel opening up.

When you come in, I ask for your patience. Because those first
few moments when I lay the cards out, look down & close my eyes, is when I
get a strong clairvoyant message for you. And if I feel your impatience, which
I will (because I’m sensitive to energy), I won’t be comfortable enough for the
info to come through.

The Tarot cards have many messages, but I don’t always read
the actual cards, I just use them & their symbols to form solid info from
my intuition. They’re also a good thing to focus on, because it allows my soul
to open up & feel more.

My psychic abilities are broad & can range from a
variety of things on any given day, from seeing your spirit guide standing next
to you, to hearing my guides whisper in my left ear, to answering your
questions clairvoyantly, to feeling like I know you like the back of my hand,
to info being revealed about your past lives. There’s a vast array there, I
only ask that you be open & patient.

Wondering why I do what I do? I’m very good at it, I love it
& I know I am here to help humanity heal & awaken to their highest
potential. This is all the encouragement I need & that’s why it’s so much
more enjoyable for both of us when you relax.

The markets are a great introductory point, however if you
want my best Reading, I encourage you to book me from home. It is a controlled,
relaxed environment which can really allow me to open up! It also comes with
some extra info about your Numerology Life Path & Astrological influences.
Most of my repeat clients book me from home.

If there’s anything I haven’t covered in this blog & you
have a question you’d like to ask me about what I do, I encourage you to send
me an email. I would be delighted to enlighten you.



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Matthew is based in the Inner Northern suburb of Stafford Heights, Brisbane. 

He works with clients from all over the globe. Readings are by appointment only. 

To book a reading or to find out more, either click on “Book a Reading” or call Matthew on +61422 442 234.

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