How the Zodiac Influences Us

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Blog By Matthew Habchi | November 11th, 2021

Today I felt the urge to share a very brief part of my knowledge on the 12 signs of the zodiac, so you can understand how they tie in to your life & those you connect with. 

So please feel free to scroll straight ahead to read about the sign/s you’re most curious about.

Astrology is an incredible tool which we can utilise to better
understand our-selves, our strengths, our weaknesses & why we are here.

From a young age I would flick to the back section of the newspaper
to read the horoscope section about my Sun Sign, Aries. And in true Aries
fashion, I couldn’t wait to read all about myself, haha.

On that note, lets start with the 1st sign of
the Zodiac, Aries. Its symbol, the fiery prodigious & dynamic Ram. Aries is
the driving force, it pushes head first, preferring action over contemplation,
it needs no explanation, it simply is. Hence its motto, “I am”.

Aries loves a challenge, always strives to be 1st
& often likes the attention of being in the spotlight. There is a strong
desire to lead in this masculine, passionate sign. 

 Its personality likened to that of a child, views the world in
wonder, awe & appreciation of all things.

If you know an Aries, you will recognise an impulsive nature
in them. They are childish, fun loving, confidant & radiant. They are
natural born leaders.

Taurus, the earthy Bull is known for its stubbornness. It
represents the human personality age 7-14, learning what belongs to it &
what doesn’t. It’s motto, “I have”, the Bull is interested in material,
physical & earthly things.

Taurus emerges as a social sign, lovers of food, sport &
sex. They are quite physical people. Often they have a profound voice & a
strong neck, as this is their main body area. They can be great spokespeople,
announcers or singers.

They are less impulsive than Aries & prefer to wait for
the right time to charge ahead. Ruled by the planet Venus, they live for the
people they love.

Gemini is the 3rd sign & represents the
adolescent personality striving to reach adulthood. Ruled by the speedy planet
Mercury, Gemini is fast thinking & loves to Communicate.

Known for getting up to mischief, The Twins are not always
happy to comply, so trouble can fast become its middle name. Perhaps one reason they are
called crazy by some. This fast-moving Air sign likes experiences of all kinds
& if any sign could fly, it would be a Gemini!

They can be accused of being “all over the place”, but
somehow holding it together. Gemini is strongly social & thrives amongst
its peers.

Cancer is the 4th sign & The Crab is a highly
sensitive one. This emotional water sign is aptly hard on the outside, but soft
on the inside. These people have attuned survival instincts, are strongly protective, are lovers of all things to do with the home & strive for establishment in life.

Ruled by the Moon, their mode is “I Feel”, which makes them highly intuitive & empathic. 

When speaking to a Cancerian you would do well to speak in the language of the heart
& stomach. They can grow nervous & irritable without their strong need
for self-expression.

Leo the Lion is our 5th sign ruled by the Sun,
Leo’s are strongly Creative individuals & love all of the attention they
can get. A true Lion will fight for what they believe in. They are big hearted
& give love freely, for this is what makes them happy. Many movie stars have a lot of Leo influences in their astrological birth chart.

Leo’s can have a fixed nature & must often learn the art
of letting go. Their Leadership skills are well pronounced making them good entrepreneurs & business people. They are confident & often shine in the spotlight. They
are warm & endearing friends to have.

Virgo meets the middle of the zodiac & is one of the
more conservative signs. Sharing Mercury with Gemini as it’s ruling planet, it
too is quick thinking but has more of an Earthiness with it’s love for material

Their mode is “I Serve”, therefore they can often find
themselves giving too much & growing tired of this obliging trait. The
Virgin analyses, organises & plans ahead, therefore can be seen to “have it
all together”. Although their perfectionist streak can sometimes be wearing to
their soul.

As the sign of Love, culture & beauty, Venus rules Librathe 7thsign who is fond of art & drama. 

Their symbol the Scales employs the motto, “I Weigh” . 

Libra’s need balance, both in a loving, patient partner & in life.

Their speech can be controversial, Libra’s are not ones to
mince words & can come out as sounding arrogant at times.
Nevertheless, they are not afraid to speak their truth. Being an Air sign, they are known for
their sharpness of mind & as being the intellectual type. They are true peace lovers & peace keepers. Life simply would not be fair without them.

Scorpio is the 8th sign, rued by Pluto the dark
transformer. Scorpio’s will undergo massive change & transformation through
various phases of their lives. No other sign feels the highs & lows quite like a
Scorpion, hence their co symbol the Eagle, known for its far seeing “Psychic” nature.

There is a stigma around this sign, generally because Scorpio
is associated with money, sex & power. They can be serious people with a
defensive nature when backed into a corner. They battle with their motto, “I
control” & must learn to balance out their addictive behaviours to find the
middle path.

Scorpio’s often have volcanic sexual energy. They have enormous potential when their powerful
energies are channelled into the right direction, not a sign to mess with.

The mystical sign of Sagittarius is 9th, taking
the symbol of the half man/half horse Archer. The Archer shoots straight to the
point, is honest, confidant, expansive & loves adventure.

Ruled by Jupiter, known as the planet of fortune, Sag’s are generally only concerned with the Big Picture. They are eternal students who take an interest in
philosophy, universal things, nature & animals. Rarely bored, they are
bursting with energy & often seek new ways to express themselves
 & to experience life.

Sag’s must be careful of over confidence & keeping their
energy under control to be at their best.

Ruled by the fateful planet Saturn, Capricorn is the 10th
sign taking on the symbol of the Goat. Capricorn is cautious, but very
ambitious in slowly climbing to the top of any endeavour which they believe in.

Often labelled as serious types, they are wise, mature & would benefit from letting loose & having more fun in life.

The stubborn Goat doesn’t like to admit mistakes &
should be careful not to overidentify with material things. Capricorns must
learn to move beyond such limitations, seeking spiritual evolution.

They are tenacious, dependable, hardworking & rarely
give up when faced with a challenge.

Aquarius is the 2nd last sign. This air sign is
ruled by the erratic planet Uranus, which brings out a rather eccentric nature
in the Water Bearer’s personality. Their motto, “I Universalise” represents a
letting go of material things & heralds more of an interest in science
& spiritual matters.

Aquarians can often be found living inside their minds; therefore,
they must strive for greater connection to their intuition, and a more natural
mode of feeling over constant thinking. They have an openness & child
like nature which serves them well when placed in a non-restrictive

The final sign is Pisces which takes the symbol of the Fish
& adopts the motto, “I believe”. Pisces is the most compassionate of all
the signs, with Neptune as its ruling planet lending a very dreamy & highly
spiritual orientation. These are the space cadets of the zodiac.

But never underestimate the Fish’s ability to blend in with
its surroundings & swim to the depths to uncover the hidden mysteries of
life. Often found taking a happy disposition, Pisces is a peace lover. They are
intuitive, empathic & sensitive, with a strong imagination, they contribute
greatly to the human race.

A Pisces must be careful of addictions of all kinds & should
strive toward the letting go of material things for deeper soul connection.

And that folks, is a very brief summary of each sign of the
zodiac. If you have any questions about any of the signs, please don’t hesitate
to email me. I love Astrology and as I teach, I also learn.

If you’d like a more in depth look at the influences of your own
Astrological Birth Chart, a great website to look at is Café Astrology
Just type in your name, date of birth, place of birth & time of birth for
some deep insight into your personality & highest potential.

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