About Tarot

One thing I want people to understand, is that there is nothing scary or voodoo about Tarot cards. One way to look at them, is that they are colourful cards with sometimes strange depictions on a piece of cardboard covered in plastic. Nothing more, nothing less. So if you are religious, please have an open mind & reserve judgement. The same way in which I would not personally judge another based on their chosen religious or cultural beliefs, please do not judge the cards.

A more in depth way of looking at Tarot cards, is that they hold a certain energy (like everything in our physical realm), they can hold significance & meaning to the seeker. When perceived in this way, the seeker can often be bewildered in amazement by the card/s that comes up during their reading & can make so much sense to them. This is what I love about Tarot, to the open minded individual, it provides a visual aid in the sense of, “you just can’t make this stuff up”. 

If you believe that everything happens for a reason (as I do), you will often find a particular card will be shown to you to confirm what you were actually thinking. As we progress through the reading, you will also see a pattern form between the cards which will essentially tell you a story and I will help you see and make sense of all of it. Sometimes it really does feel like magic,  not without a little help from the universe of course.

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Matthew is based in the Sunshine Coast  Suburb of Coes Creek, QLD. Approx 1 hour North of Brisbane. 20 mins East of Montville & 25 mins West of Maroochydore.

He works with clients from all over the globe. Readings are by appointment only. 

To book a reading or to find out more, either click on “Book a Reading” or call Matthew on +61422 442 234