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What sets me apart from other psychics, is that I am unique in my own way. The beauty about us Psychics is that no two Psychics are the same. I am not speaking merely in terms of Psychic ability & accuracy. I am speaking of life experience & even more importantly, Soul experience.

I have always been curious, I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. The moment we stop asking questions, is the moment we stop learning. And I never stop learning. Besides since being born with an incredible array of psychic gifts which I am utterly grateful for, life has taught me how to use them “the hard way”. I am sharing with you now, very personal information, because I want you to understand that life is a journey & I am very accepting of what comes my way, weather that be good or bad. However, in saying this I am a big believer that you create your own reality & experiences for the evolution of your soul.

Before you incarnated into this life, you decided everything. Where you would be born, the time of birth (a huge astrological influence for your life path), what your name would be (see numerology texts about this), who your parents were going to be & the experiences you would have. Some of you might find this unfathomable, particularly if you were born with less than fortunate circumstances or if you were a victim to certain forms of abuse from a young age. Trust me, I empathise with you. But the set of circumstances you created before entering the physical realm were chosen to clear your karmic debt from past lives, or merely to learn the lessons which would ultimately create the person you are today. 

This was all done through your own souls free will, you decided. I can assure you that we learn far more from our pain & struggles than we do in times of comfort. Whether you believe this to be true is not entirely important, I am merely explaining this to you because it makes total sense to me and the life I have chosen & the path I am on, as well as where I go from here. 

We all have free will & choice here on earth. And I encourage you to question everything, even me! You are entitled to your opinion & I will respect your opinion no matter what it is. Unless of course you mean to do others harm, in which case I do not condone that behaviour. But most, if not all humans mean well, the abuser only abuses because they were abused, therefore that is what they were taught & they know nothing else but to act from a place of defence & fear when they feel threatened. I understand, I get it, I really do.

Without going on about these matters much further, I will explain what else separates me from other Psychics. I have come to discover the age of my soul, that which I chose to incarnate as.. Because we are all old souls that never die, but some of us choose to come back as “young souls”. I am however, an old soul, more than a few thousand years old. There is no place on earth I have not been and there is nothing I have not done. 

Through the recognition of my soul memory, I have been empowered with this knowledge which explains a lot about my personality. I won’t tell you all about my soul history, but I will say that I have been a healer before, which is why I have chosen to incarnate as a healer once more. When it comes to past lives, what you love, you’ve done & what you hate, you’ve also done. All of this knowledge has inspired me to look further into such topics as the nature of our reality, metaphysics, the way in which society has been constructed & why, our ancestors, consciousness, spirituality, ancient civilisations & the universe etc. If you wish to predict the future, you must first learn from the past.

Furthermore, I have had quite a bit of experience in personal relationships and understand all too well why they can become dysfunctional. All in all, I am able to harness my knowledge in a wide facet of relative fields to help propel you forward, to help you identify what’s really holding you back, and to open your eyes to a world of possibilities. I am not your average psychic, I can be if that is what you wish.. But if you are looking for something special, something unique, look no further, as I will offer that to you in spades.

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Matthew is based in the Sunshine Coast  Suburb of Coes Creek, QLD. Approx 1 hour North of Brisbane. 20 mins East of Montville & 25 mins West of Maroochydore.

He works with clients from all over the globe. Readings are by appointment only. 

To book a reading or to find out more, either click on “Book a Reading” or call Matthew on +61422 442 234