Code of Ethics

  1. Matthew will provide Psychic guidance as responsibly as possible.
  2. Guidance is given without any judgement whatsoever and will be for the highest good of the client. 100% accuracy can not be absolutely guaranteed.
  3. During the reading, there may be references to legal or medical issues, please note Mathew does not give out medical or legal advice.
  4. Matthew charges a reasonable fee for his psychic work.
  5. Matthew respects the privacy of his clients, thereby offering a confidential service.
  6. Matthew respects the free will of all his clients, he will not offer or influence another against their free will, such as making any promises.
  7. Matthew will give you insight into your future potential, however you must understand that ONLY THE CLIENT is the creator of their future. It is up to the client as to which direction they ultimately take, given what was revealed to them during the reading.
  8. Matthew does not & will not offer to remove any curses or spells placed upon the client.

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Matthew is based in the Sunshine Coast  Suburb of Coes Creek, QLD. Approx 1 hour North of Brisbane. 20 mins East of Montville & 25 mins West of Maroochydore.

He works with clients from all over the globe. Readings are by appointment only. 

To book a reading or to find out more, either click on “Book a Reading” or call Matthew on +61422 442 234.